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Fecundity and condition factor of abalone Haliotis asinina broodstock conditioned in banana leaf and “buho” slat substrates
Argie L. De Guzman and Lota A. Creencia*

Effects of poaching on Topshell Tectus niloticus population of Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, Palawan, Philippines
Jean Beth S. Jontila*, Benjamin J. Gonzales and Roger G. Dolorosa

Trends in milkfish fry production in Sofronio Española, Palawan, Philippines with notes on 12-year province-wide production
Salvador D. Villalva and Roger G. Dolorosa*

Notes on Mangrove Snake Boiga dendrophila multicincta (Boulenger, 1896) in Iwahig River, Puerto Princesa City
Roger G. Dolorosa

Protected versus unprotected area with reference to fishes, corals, macro invertebrates, and CPUE in Honda Bay, Palawan
Benjamin J. Gonzales, Joel G. Becira, Wendell M. Galon and Maria Mojena G. Gonzales

Notes on the occurrence of a rare Cardinal Fish at Coral Bay, Southern Palawan, Philippines
Benjamin J. Gonzales

The Palawan Scientist Volume 6 – Full Journal